Hawley retainer w/ C clasps

Hawley retainer w/ ball clasps 

Hawley retainer w/ soldered clasps 

Hawley retainer w/ Adams clasps 


Wraparound w/soldered Adams clasps 

Hawley with Flat bow  

Clear Retainers

Clear Aligner treatment:

An inexpensive alternative for minor tooth movements by creating and applying a series of clear aligners by segmenting your patient models and repositioning teeth in alignment with the arch or the 
neighboring teeth to achieve a better esthetic appearance. 


 Springs ; Mushroom or overlapping springs 
 labial acrylic 
 expansion screw 
 Anterior BP , Inclined plane 
 tongue habit loops 
 posterior BP , Add posterior BP articulated 

3x3 retainer , w/ soldered clasps 

3x3 extended , w/ soldered clasps 

Reset tooth

Lingual/Palatal Arch 

Nance/ fixed BP 

Quad Helix,Bi Helix, W Arch 

Haas Expander , Fan Type 

Upper RPE , Fan Type , compact RPE

RPE with TMA Distalizing Springs 

Bonded RPE

Lower RPE 




Herbst Appliance

Twin Block

Distal Jet  

Thumb/Tongue Crib 

Flat hard acrylic Night Guard

Mouth Guards

Dual Hard/Soft Night Guard   


Indirect Bonding 

3D model Printing from digital file

Custom Face Masks​

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